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Biercée GiN

Non-identical twins

Biercée’s two GiNs are marked by the master distillers’ know-how. Thanks to their long experience in their craft, they have learned better than anyone else how to use fresh fruit, spices and plants, and to turn them into delicious and refined distillates.

This experience has allowed them to develop new subtle flavours and experiment with mixing plants that have never been combined before, such as cocoa and poppy.

By distilling each spice separately, quality is successfully guaranteed throughout the year, thereby preventing any seasonal variation.

The beaten copper stills use indirect heat for the distillation process allowing the GiNs to develop their rich, round character while preserving a definite note of freshness. Each in their own particular way, these two GiNs therefore express their own particular flavours.


Thesis & Antithesis

44% Alc.

Biercée GiN is the perfect synthesis of Distillerie de Biercée’s traditional know-how: Belgian, complex and yet highly accessible.

It cleverly combines the earthy flavours of malt and fennel with the floral and spicy notes of lavender and cumin.

Thanks to its softness in the mouth, a quality obtained in the beaten copper stills, it is a true pleasure for those who drink it neat. Fancy sipping a GiN & tonic with a difference? To bring out the cocoa notes, serve it with a Premium Tonic and a few finely sliced pieces of fennel as a finishing touch!


Less is More

44% Alc.

With its GiN 2.0, Distillerie de Biercée has succeeded in bringing gin back to basics: an honest, straight forward gin elaborated according to tradition. The well-defined selection of botanicals and its 44 % alcohol content give it a spicy, balanced character combining the flavours of juniper berries, fresh citrus fruit and peppery notes.

Fancy a classic gin & tonic with a sophisticated touch of tonic or a dry martini? Biercée GiN 2.0, a sober but full-bodied gin!


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